For Families with Young Children

We are now sending out a Family Sunday School series to you each week. It ties in with the gospel lesson Pastor Kathy preaches online that Sunday. It will contain a video, a story, activity sheet and coloring pages. Hopefully this will provide some conversation for your family on the gospel story of the week. Pastor Kathy will be sending this out on Fridays. Let her know (email or 513.324.0446) if you did not receive it or would like to.


A Random Kindness Story from Bill Cox

One of my neighbors is a volunteer chaplain for the ABQ Police Department. One of the officers made her aware of a family whose parents had lost their jobs and their apartment as a result of the corona virus and had to move in with the grandmother.

The grandmother took the couple and their 3 children into her one bedroom apartment but was unable to feed them all. The chaplain sent an e-mail to our neighborhood and asked for donations of food to help the family.

The response from our neighbors was so great that the chaplain has now provided over 450 meals for that family as well as for two elders who live in the same apartment complex. Neighbors have helped to sort the food in the chaplain’s garage. It has been an amazing outpouring of help.

Share with Pastor Kathy (email her privately) your random acts of kindness stories Tell us one you have done or one you have received. (It’s not bragging because I bet you also benefited from it.)