April 24, 2020

Community Outreach
Storehouse West Donations

Have you seen images of miles of cars lined up for food pantries in Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts? (The picture to the right is Pittsburgh.) Due to sudden unemployment, many Americans have found themselves with a novel and unfortunate experience — food insecurity and hunger.

Storehouse West is continuing to serve a large number of our neighbors by parking lot drive-thru. However, they been experiencing some of the same shortages in the grocery stores that we all have. Canned/non-perishable donations require necessary precautions to inventory. Thus, the best way you can help right now is with monetary donations. You can do this a number of ways: 1) mail a check to Storehouse West, 1030-F Veranda Dr. SE, Rio Rancho 87124; 2) online — go to their website; or 3) write a check to RRPC, mark it for Storehouse West, and mail it to the church, 1004 24th Street, SE, 87124.

Stories of Kindness and Connection

Things folks are sharing: checking in on each other, beyond what our faithful deacons are doing; door step flower deliveries; running errands for folks; sharing the Sunday morning service with someone who doesn’t have Internet access (maintaining proper distancing of course!).

As folks are being in touch more, common connections are being made – one member when her deacon called found a connection between the deacon and a long-time friend of the member. This was a delight to both of them!

A reminder: if someone comes to your mind, see it as a sign that the Holy Spirit wants you to reach out! So make a call or send a note. We are blessed to be a blessing! Keep sharing your kindnesses with Pastor Kathy.