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July 4, 2020 Weekly Witness

Online Worship

Click link below on our website’s home page each week.

Either click here or go to anytime to view this week’s Sunday worship. (Spelled-out link is at the end of this email). Once you land on the page, please scroll below photos at the top of each page. There are separate links for both this week’s and previous weeks’ found there.

 A Word From Our Treasurer

During this period of quarantine, we have reminded you of the importance of keeping up with your pledge to the church … and you have responded admirably! So much so that in May we A.L.M.O.S.T. broke even, which is wonderful news. Thank you for all you have done!

But now for the bad news! June hit us like a ton of bricks with two large bills for insurance and payroll taxes which came due, with a second installment of taxes due again in July.

So the battle is not over. Please remember to send in your pledges on a regular basis. We are still an active, on-going church, trying to meet the needs of our members; and our church leaders are doing a phenomenal job in that regard. For instance, we may be closed but we still celebrate Communion and we are conducting VBS as usual. But such growth and service are only possible with your continued support.

Thank you for all you continue to do.
Thom Hinks, Treasurer

 2020 Scholarships of GRACE Recipients

5th Year:
Jack Mishos: Senior, University of New Mexico – Major: Psychology

4th Year
Socorro Tafoya: Senior, Curtin University (Perth, Australia) — Major; Business Law and International Relations

3rd Year
Matuke Fomukong: Junior; University of New Mexico – Major: Health Medicine and Human Values
Alexander Mishos: Sophomore; Central New Mexico (CNM) — Major: Mechanical Engineering

2nd Year
Valerie Langwell: Sophomore; University of New Mexico – Major: Athletic Training

1st Year
Anwi Fomukong: Freshman; University of New Mexico – Major: Mechanical Engineering
Cameron Mitchell: Freshman; Central New Mexico (CNM) – Major: Undeclared
Adam Pitts: Freshman; University of New Mexico – Major: Education/Mathematics

 Youth Sunday is July 12!

On Sunday July 12, our youth will be leading us in our online worship service. We will hear from two of our seniors, Anwi Fomukong and Adam Pitts. We are grateful for all our youth – another blessing in our midst!

While We Are Away

Mike and Kathy Thayer and Aloy and Marv Bamberg having been working each week on our grounds. Clearing brush, cleaning up the landscaping, and maintaining weed control are among the things they are doing. In addition, they are cleaning and landscaping the strip of land just south of our parking lot. It is looking wonderful! Many thanks for their hard work and dedication to this ministry.

New Easter Banner

New Easter banner Congreg news

Sharon Hovey, Banner-Maker Extraordinaire, has created yet another beautiful piece that was going to be up in the sanctuary this year. Thanks be to Sharon!

Easter Flowers Order Cancelled

The Worship Committee regrets to inform everyone who bought Easter flowers that ARCA’s La Paloma greenhouse is closed due to COVID-19. We will either refund your money or you may donate it to the God’s House fund. Please email Bobbi at the church office with your decision. Thank you all again for placing flower orders.

Stay safe and be well,
The Worship Committee

Storehouse West Needs Your Help

Storehouse West needs toilet paper and bar soap! Over the next few weeks, we will be collecting toilet paper and individually wrapped bar soap for Storehouse West. You can bring your donations to church and place them in the blue box. Thank you for your support of our neighbors!

Asylee Donations on Hold

Donations for the asylum-seekers are not needed as they are not coming through Rio Rancho and Albuquerque now. Please check back later.

Missions Committee Update

We, as a church, have been very busy for the past four months! From the Missions Committee, here is an update of all of our activities and donations that have been held from January through April of this year:
In March, we came together and sang hymns while we ate together in fellowship and voted for our favorite animal for the Heifer Fund. The end results in the voting were as follows: chicks = 5, Pigs = 3, Sheep = 8, Rabbits = 3, Bees = 9, Llama = 6, Water Buffalo = 7, and our winner is Goats = 11 votes!!
Likewise, we came together to show our support for our scholars. After our Scholars Potluck, we collected $2,646.00 total. Of that amount, $1,182 went to our Scholarships of GRACE, $907 went to the Mexican scholars, and $557 went to the Cuban scholars. Thank you again to everyone who donated and brought food!
At the end of March, we collected our first two-cents-a-meal offering for a total of $614.36 that went to Independence High School and their snack pantry.
Finally, on Easter Sunday, we collected a special offering called, “One Great Hour of Sharing”. The total was $1,154.00.
Thank you to everyone who has participated in these missions: the scholars, the local students, the Heifer vote, and One Great Hour of Sharing.
Your Missions Committee is so grateful for your generous giving and perpetual support.

Helping Independence High School students

The two-cents-a-meal collected on March 31 totaled more than $600 and was donated to Independence High school where many of the students are food-insecure. Read about these students and how their counselors developed a backpack program enabling them to have food on the weekends.

Birthday Bags

On February 24, the congregation brought 56 Birthday Bags to donate to Storehouse West. These are gift bags filled with items for a child’s birthday party – cake mix and icing, candles, paper plates, cups, napkins, and forks. There are families who cannot afford to give their children a birthday party. The Birthday Bags make it possible for these children to enjoy what all children like to do – celebrate with their friends on their birthday.


Church Donations

Good News! Lutheran Family Services is receiving over 100 new arrivals this upcoming year and placing refugee families into Albuquerque communities. They are in need of donations due to this new surge of arrivals. In the standard apartment set ups, they currently need new or very gently used pots, pans and baking pans, shower curtains, rings and rods, and electric clocks .   Please contact Donations Coordinator Sandi Bertholomey 505 933 7014 or to schedule delivery times, pick-ups or questions.
Address: Lutheran Family Services
            4105 Silver Ave SE
            Albuquerque, NM 87108


August Safety/Security Report

AED (Automated External Defibrillator) 

Thanks to the efforts of RRPC members Sheila Malmo and Meredith Beaton along with the American Heart Association (AHA) and Lovelace Heart Institute, the church has an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) mounted on the left of the entrance to the Sanctuary. A defibrillator can potentially stop an irregular heart beat (arrhythmia) and allow a normal rhythm to resume following sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), which occurs when the heart suddenly stops beating. According to the AHA, a victim’s chance of surviving drops by seven to 10 percent for every minute a normal heartbeat isn’t restored. We are grateful to have this life-saving device at our church.