Mission Continues!! Thank You!

Storehouse West has seen an increase in overall clients and first-time clients. Through your generous gifts, RRPC has given over $1,400 to Storehouse West in the last couple of weeks. (Money is still coming in, so the final total isn’t known.) Your financial support will enable them to purchase more items as needed and available.

Relay for Life 2020

For safety, this year’s Relay will most likely be a virtual event (or a series of them).

We will have more information in the coming weeks.


How Do I Continue Making My Offering to RRPC During This Time of Online Worship?

There are several ways you can make your gift to the church while when we are not worshiping in person. 1) Mail it to the church. We have a locked mailbox and our office manager is the only one who picks up the mail. 2) Use our website https://rioranchopresbyterianchurch.org/ and click on the donate button on the upper right. You can use PayPal or a credit/debit card. 3) Check with your financial institution to find out various ways of making your offering.

Thanks for remaining faithful in your tithes and pledges.

Card Shower For Our 2020 Graduates!

As many of you know, graduation ceremonies have been cancelled/postponed for most of our graduates. And since the seniors would like to give their sermons in person, our Youth Sunday service has been postponed until we can see how long it is until we are in worship together.

As their church family, we celebrate this important achievement in their lives; and Faith Formation would like to have a card shower for each of our graduates! We only have high school graduates this spring. They are Adam, Anwi, Ariel, and Amber.