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Rio Rancho Presbyterian Church

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Our Virus Response

Weekly Witness (will replace all regular church publications)

March 28, 2020

Worship March 29

Click here for the service for Sunday, March 29, 2020.  It will be available for viewing Sunday morning. Again, many thanks given for all those who have made these recordings possible.

I continue to hear from some of you of good things being done and kindnesses shared, even in our separateness. I’d love to hear your stories of kindnesses done or received. Just send me an email. I’m collecting stories of our church family to share.

Pastor Kathy

March 25, 2020

The Weekly Witness
A few words from Pastor Kathy..

Dear Church Family,

Vincent Van Gogh is quoted as saying, “Let us keep courage and try to be patient and gentle.” When I read it, it struck home. When we are fearful or even cooped up, we tend to lash out and become less patient. We react, rather than respond thoughtfully.

Keeping courage isn’t always about being brave. Sometimes it is holding on to hope. Other times it is looking for joy or blessing in difficult circumstances. And it can be seeking patience and gentleness with one another. Patience and gentleness can be challenging in households where kids have entirely too much energy and are weary of the stay-at-home routine. It certainly takes courage to remain patient and gentle in these times!

Know that I am anxious for the day when we will be together in worship. Meanwhile, ”The Lord watch between you and me, when we are absent one from the other”.

(Gen. 31: 49)

Sharing in your courage, waiting, and keeping watch with you,
Pastor Kathy

Stay-at Home Advisory

Given the NM Governor’s directive to stay home except for essential business, the church office is closed. (Click here to see a nationally-broadcast interview with Governor Lujan-Grisham.) Bobbi and Pastor Kathy will come in to the office to do necessary functions (make deposits, pay bills). The office will not be open since we will only be coming in as necessary and do not want folks gathering. While delightful to see you, we all need to stay safe; and your coming by church would qualify as ‘non-essential travel’. We will check voicemail messages, but it might be a few days before you have an answer.

Each day brings new challenges as we approach our Holy Days. We will keep you informed as we put new plans in place. Be patient and gracious in this odd season; it’s new ground for all of us!  Feel free to call, text or email Pastor Kathy if you have any questions or need anything.

From our Finance Committee

Fellow RRPC Family,

I hope you are well and adjusting to the changing official pronouncements. Pastor Kathy has been busy; and with the help of many in our church family, great progress has been made in continuing our ministry. I hope you have seen the digital Sunday worship posted on our website. It takes more than a global pandemic to derail our Christian ministry. And as our ministry continues so does the need for your pledges and donations. Please mail your contributions to the church office so that our work can continue unabated. Wishing you peace and love this Lenten season.

Yours in Christ,
 Russel Gobeille, Chair

PS — To send in your monthly pledges/donations, click here for the secure link to our website.

Appreciate the compliments!

Thank you for all the positive feedback about our recorded services. Just so you know, we recorded all services before the health restrictions came in to effect. Know that we would not put people at risk even to make these services available. Many thanks to all who are making it possible! Watch for the link to this coming Sunday’s later this week.

Presbytery of Santa Fe (PSF) Online Worship Opportunities

Many churches are sharing opportunities to hear the Good Word. Click here to go to the PSF website and check out their links for worship services, daily prayer, and Bible Study.

From our COVID-19 Task Force

Here is how to make a disinfecting solution if you are out of wipes and you have some household bleach on hand. The ratio is 4 tsp. of bleach to a quart of water. Use a clean cotton cloth to wipe down areas and let air dry. Use gloves to protect your hands when using the mixture. Don’t forget doorknobs, toilet handles, steering wheels–those places we touch all the time without even thinking about it!

Meredith Beaton, Chair

Keeping in touch with others

Many thanks to our deacons for faithfully staying in touch with their flock. But their efforts should not keep you from staying in touch! When you think about someone, turn that thought in to a phone call! We are all (except those workers in essential public sectors) stuck at home.

A note of gratitude from Ruth Bleich

Joy comes from gratitude, and we have so much to be grateful for even during these trying times: Our virtual church service last Sunday that kept us feeling connected our Lenten devotions to keep us connected daily, our technology keeping us connected to our families everywhere. A day like Tuesday makes us appreciate our spring weather – sunshine, sunrises and sunsets, birds singing and even the anticipated wind today as our test to how we withstand another challenge. I am grateful for a warm safe place to live, and I am grateful for being a senior right now having the opportunity to shop in stores for only things I need at a time of day with less than the normal amount of shoppers. I am grateful for having a caring God in my life who has given me all of you!


Do you sew?

There is a group of folks within the congregation making face masks for staff at Rust Hospital. Contact Amanda Ball or Sharon Hovey if you’d like to help. They have patterns to share.


March 20, 2020

Welcome to the Weekly Witness


Since we don’t have Sunday worship bulletins with all the activities and updates, we will be sending this out each week with all the newsworthy items (and some your pastor just thinks are fun to share!). Here’s today’s news:
1  AA groups are still meeting at the church building.
2  The church building is closed except by appointment.

This means that any meeting normally held in the church building is temporarily suspended until the health crisis is over.  Many activities are in a “wait and see” status. We will try to keep you informed as to what is happening. As always, you can email or call the group or committee leader if you are wondering what the activity status is. Stayed tuned for further developments.

Happy News

We are in the midst of recording church services for online worship, which will begin this Sunday. You will be able to access the services from our web page and our Facebook page. Watch those spaces on Sunday. Many thanks to everyone who have helped with this effort.

If you are coming to the church for something, please call first (505.892.6664), for two reasons:
1  To make sure we are here. We will not be keeping our usual hours.
2  So we can anticipate your arrival and be comfortable opening the door when the doorbell rings.