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Rio Rancho Presbyterian Church

1004 24th Street SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124   (505) 892-6664    


Community News

Click here to learn about this year’s Vacation Bible School! And…blast off with the first VBS to land on Mars. Discover the wonders of God’s universe on a journey through space and explore where God’s power can take you.

Registration will open in early April.  Stay tuned!

New Horizons Band

Is rehearsing in our sanctuary every Tuesday 10 am-noon.  They are a group of retired musicians who just love to get together and play.

Old Audio and Video Media Recycling Options

It isespecially important to keep old VHS, Betamax, audio cassettes, CDs, DVDs, floppy, zip, jazz hard drives and jump drives out of our landfills because they are made of Mylar (plastic polyethylene) and coated with toxic metals like chromium, ferric oxide, and cobalt. These metals eventually leach out into the soil and potentially contaminate it and the underlying aquifer.

A national vendor will take these items. For a box up to 25 pounds, greendisk will provide a Pack-IT voucher for $11.95 (shipping not included). With the purchase of one 25-lb Pack-IT voucher, there is an option for an additional pounds over 25 for 45 cents.