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Rio Rancho Presbyterian Church

1004 24th Street SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124   (505) 892-6664    


Capital Campaign

Caring for God’s House TOGETHER




As of March 2023, pledges are over $300,000!

Our Pilgrimage through Time

Many were the wonderful, caring Christians who created and sustained this church community that we now enjoy! It began with 85 households and help from Presbytery; Rio Rancho Presbyterian Church was built to serve members, friends and the community. We continue that work with about 200 members and are open to all!

But our beloved church building is now over 35 years old! And our annual budget is an OPERATING budget, not intended to tackle major, non routine upgrades.

But as any homeowner knows, those needs happen. We need major repairs to prepare the building for another 35 years. And delay only makes them more expensive.

We are the current occupants and we have an obligation. The best estimate now is that the campaign over 3 years is $400,000. This will be a stretch for us, but faith brought us to this point in time.  Looking ahead, with God’s help anything is possible!

Faith can shape our legacy. Many hands today can result in thoughtful, heartfelt gifts to assure the future.  Please give prayerful consideration to how you can return to God some of the gifts He has entrusted to you. We are caring for God’s house —together.


Prayer for fundraisers & our Capital Campaign “Caring for God’s House – Together”

Good & gracious God, we recognize all life is a gift and a blessing.  Thank you for your most generous love.

Encourage us to be persons of honesty and integrity, worthy of proclaiming the Gospel, in this sacred ministry that includes fundraising.

Help us to always reverence the sacred space where our donors and our missions meet.

Give us openness to listen to the needs of our donors.

Give us joyful spirits and an eagerness to engage others.

Give us hopeful imagination and creative vision, recognizing generosity in even the smallest gift.

Give us strong, steadfast hearts, knowing that the fruits of labors will be realized long after we are gone.

Give us faithful hearts, deeply committed to your realm.

Let us feel your presence so that we know we are never truly alone.

Remind us always that what we do for the least of our sisters and brothers, we do for you.

We ask this is Jesus’ name and in unity with the Holy Spirit.  Amen

               (with permission from Sisters of Charity of Nazareth)