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Rio Rancho Presbyterian Church



Adult Missions

Jesus commands us to “feed my sheep” and we are challenged to obey by providing opportunities to the congregation for service, prayer, and support of various local, national, and international programs.

Additional responsibilities to the congregation include:

  • To guide and encourage understanding of Missions.
  • To challenge us to increase involvement.
  • To be accountable and faithful to the congregation in the use of money for Missions.



For more information, email Mission

Children’s Missions

Children’s Ministries mentors children from birth to know, love and follow Jesus Christ, and to help their families become deeply committed Christians.

One Great Hour of Sharing

Offering boxes are given to the children in February. Set the box on your kitchen table, and for each meal that you eat, add change to the box. Through this offering, food, clean water, and shelter are provided to communities and refugees. Return the box on Palm Sunday during Sunday School or Sunday Worship.

Vacation Bible School

RRPC offers a vibrant VBS program in June each year.  Our youth are very involved with the program.