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Rio Rancho Presbyterian Church

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Pastor Kathy

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One of the new words I have learned lately is kindom. It was used at General Assembly to describe what God envisions for us here on earth – a family where all are kin. I like it, not as a substitute for kingdom or reign of God, but rather as an expansion of those. For me, kindom is attainable, for every time I encounter someone I have the opportunity to see them as part of God’s family – my family.

As I write this we are just starting our Vacation Bible School. Over 60 children are here, each one a member of God’s family just as I am. By welcoming them, loving them, and engaging with them to make connections this week, we become the Kindom of God in this place. It really is an amazing thing to watch, as children grow more comfortable and begin to engage with the volunteers and each other. They begin to feel at home here, which is exactly what God wants, I am sure.

Kindom happens a lot here at RRPC. Every day at Share Your Care they are building community and they invite us in, to connect with them, both staff and participants. When AA or Al-Anon gathers, they are certainly making kindom connections — life saving relationships.

Every Sunday we are given the opportunity to be an expression of God’s family, not just with each other, but with any and all who come through our doors. It is a joy to watch that happen each week- it is holy ground when we open ourselves to another child of God – it is a kindom moment!

Building God’s Kindom with you,
Pastor Kathy   

From the Pastor’s Heart – June 2018

I have been elected to be a commissioner from the Presbytery of Santa Fe to the 223rd General Assembly (the national governing body of the Presbyterian Church (USA)) being held in St. Louis, MO June 16-23. As part of my service I am vice moderator of what is known as the “Alphabet Committee” – The Board of Pensions (BOP), Presbyterian Foundation (PF), Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program (PILP) and the Presbyterian Publishing Corporation (PPC). While this committee doesn’t have any “hot button issues” before it, there are some items of General Assembly business that are worth following. They will be items of great discussion and could lead to significant change in the life and ministry of the PC(USA).

Among them are: Peace in the Middle East, Racism/ Poverty/Violence, Immigration, Gun Violence, Pastoral Leadership for Immigrant congregations, Paid Family Leave for Church workers, a raise in the per capita assessment, and recommendations regarding the infrastructure of our national mission and ministry and administrative programs (often called the Way Forward Commission).

If you want to follow what is happening you can sign up for daily email updates during the Assembly. Go to: and you can sign up there. I also plan to have an after church time for reporting to you and for conversation upon my return.

Please hold the General Assembly in your prayers, as we believe that together we can better discern the mind of Christ for the Church.

Serving Christ with you,
Pastor Kathy

From the Pastor’s Heart – May 2018

This is the month of Pentecost, the celebration of Christ’s promise of the Holy Spirit being fulfilled. The thing about the Holy Spirit is it is totally unpredictable and cannot be directed to go where God is not sending it. But there are signs of it all around us. Here are a few I’ve seen in this congregation:

  • Children finding their voice to share their faith and thoughts with us
  • Youth finding ways to apply what they believe in their daily living and in serving others
  • Older adults who even in days of frailty are witnesses of a bold and courageous faith
  • People worshiping with us and finding a welcome and the love of Jesus expressed
  • New ideas for ministry and mission, and ideas that breathe new life into current mission
  • A deep and sincere caring for one another, a willingness to stand with those who are struggling

Where do you experience the life of the Spirit? What are you seeing and hearing that lead you to sense that God is at work in our midst and through us to the world around us? I’d love to hear your “Spirit Sightings”!

Serving Christ with you,
Pastor Kathy